Moto-Gauge Examples

The routing of gauge lines will depend on the bike and your personal preferences.

On our KX65 we ran the gauge completely behind the radiator shroud and put white tape with fuel level marks on the tank.  We also drilled two big holes in the shroud to help see the gauge higher up.  This may be the way to go for brushy woods riding.

Our KX 85 has the gauge coming out through the big hole in the shroud.  We've run this setup without issues, although it is slightly more exposed.

The RM250 also has the gauge coming out through the shroud.

A 250 tank with shrouds off on the bench.  This is the typical placement for the 3 fitting "conventional frame" kit with the balance tube connecting the two sides.  The gauge can go on either side. 

We would like to add examples of our kits installed on other brands /models.  Send us a picture to use on our site and we'll send you your choice of a free tee shirt or Nut-Flex Tool.